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Don't just take our word for it...

Read what some of our current and former Tae Kwon Do students are saying about our sessions and training. We strive to meet all of your expectations in the teacher / student dynamic as you learn the techniques of Tae Kwon Do and gain increased spiritual, mental, and physical awareness and abilities.


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A new level of self-awareness

"Master Mario and Instructor Elias have taken me and my children to a new level of self-awareness as students at their training facility. Not only are they teaching us the beauty and grace of Tae Kwon Do, but they are also teaching us confidence, respect, self-defence, discipline, and focus. My family has taken on the adventure of Tae Kwon Do, and we are closer and stronger than ever before.


Master Mario challenges his students to always try their hardest, and encourages his students in a positive manner.  His gentle persistence and stern countenance motivates his students to always strive to better themselves.  I am so blessed to have Master Mario and Instructor Elias teaching us Tae Kwon Do.  I highly recommend anyone interested in joining Tae Kwon Do, whether you are 4 or 60, to seek out High-Kick Tae Kwon Do and meet with Master Mario and Instructor Elias.  The life changing benefits have no comparison."     -Michelle M.

Mixing fun with discipline

"I absolutely LOVE Master Mario! Master Michael is also an excellent addition to the studio. My son and all his friends in the neighborhood have signed up and are now testing for their orange belts. Master Mario has the right combination of fun and discipline to keep my son interested and we're all seeing amazing changes in his physical appearance as well as his confidence. This is the best thing that could have happened to him and us. The only thing negative I would have to say is how unfortunate it is for those too far to train with Master Mario and Master Michael!!"

-Carol M.

Excellent for all age levels

"Master Mario and the guys are so amazing!!! So patient, yet firm. Very active and high energy despite the time of day. My son was terrified at first, but then he warmed up because they are so warm and friendly, yet do not let up on expectations. Excellent for all age levels. My daughter is 4 and loves it!! We are committed and in it for the long haul with Master Mario!!! If he can get MY son on board, he can get anyone!!! Thanks guys and keep up the great work!!!"      -Danielle G.

Helping your kids reach their potential

"Amazing! They take time to get to know your kids and truly help them reach their potential! Master Michael and Master Mario have been a true blessing!"     -Nielle R.

Teaching respect, self-defense, form


"Master Mario, a very good friend of mine, is very hard-working and has gotten so far in his Tae Kwon Do. We used to take classes together, I myself as a black belt, and I always saw him excelling and he really puts his effort into his Tae Kwon Do. I stopped by this new studio of his one day and the students were really into his teachings. They learned things like respect, discipline, self-defence, form, and many more. They also looked like they were having lots of fun as well! He's good with children, as well as teens and adults. He has a way of being strict to his students to teach them but at the same time he's like a father/brother who motivates you to do your best. I recommend you stop by and check this place out!" -Jennifer T.


"Master Michael as well a Master Mario works well with the kids. My son, Memphis, is getting better at listening thanks to TAE KWON DO."

- Angie R.

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